Agenda – Day 1 – Next Audio Europe

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Next Audio Europe - Agenda Day 1 - Thursday 17 June 2021

10:05 - 10:50 CEST | 45 Mins

Beyond radio: The new podcast revolution

In Europe, on demand radio makes the vast majority of podcasts available in each country. However, new entrants are starting to challenge the incumbent. This panel will discuss their strategies and experiences:

  • Independent podcast producers
  • Print media
  • TV
  • Audiobooks

Moderated by: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

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11:10 - 11:55 CEST | 45 Mins

Case Study: Transformation of the digital in-car audio landscape

As one of the biggest audio aggregators worldwide, Radioline has been at the heart of the innovation and the transformations of the digital audio landscape. Over the last years, in-car audio has faced tremendous changes in terms of services, content, technology and competition.

This panel will focus on the transformation of the in-car audio landscape, and how car manufacturers, tech providers, audio aggregators and content owners are partnering to enhance the audio experience in the vehicle.

Moderated: Thibault Giry - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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12:10 - 12:40 CEST | 30 Mins

Audio streaming challenges in Europe

The radio and audio industry is entering a new phase of technological transformation and is becoming increasingly powerful. Like the video market, the audio market has witnessed the surge of streaming platforms.

  • The audio digital revolution
  • Integration with key players
  • Competition and challenges: scalability, reliability and analytics

Moderated by: Thibault Giry - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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13:40 - 14:25 CEST | 45 Mins

In-car audio: Can radio dominance last forever ?

While radio listening continues to dominate in-car audio, there are a growing number of other options available. As most new cars are now equipped with coloured screens, the competition for visibility and control will continue to increase. This panel will gather major players involved in car audio to discuss innovation and strategies:

  • Content discovery and use of metadata in car
  • Voice command
  • Changes with DAB+
  • Introduction of new audio streaming services
  • Role of GAFA…

Moderated by: Cecilia Lagos - Moderator

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14:40 - 15:40 CEST | 60 Mins

Innovation strategies of public & private radio

European radio groups are strong and still dominate the European audio market. However, as other traditional audio-visual media, they are facing increasing challenges :

  • Competition for listening time, in particular from original podcasts publishers and streaming music services.
  • Multiplication of audio listening and interaction devices
  • Rise of on demand usage
  • Content discovery
  • Analytics


Moderated by: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

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15:55 - 16:40 CEST | 45 Mins

Telecom & Mobile operators’ opportunities in audio streaming

Telecom & mobile operators are attempting to become aggregators not only of TV & OTTs, but as well of audio IP subscription services.

  • Importance of operators in IP audio services distribution
  • Partnerships model
  • Launch own new audio services: podcast, audiobooks, premium radio


Moderated by: Cecilia Lagos - Moderator

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